Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogs are the new Black (Dads Version)

I guess the democratisation of the media should demonstrate the “Wisdom of Crowds”. Therefore opinion should migrate at some point to the eradication of a common interpretation of what is “Cool or Not”. Fashion for me has always bordered on a desperate attempt for affirmation, acceptance and the desire to fit in. To achieve the latter  …we have seen the mutilation and contortion of body parts which defies common sense.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely appreciate a being well dressed, classic styles like Chanel has been evergreen because of its simplicity and elegance. The desperate attempt for “Being Cool” is obviously exploited by marketers who year after year change the standard of “Cool” and you have to replace your entire (or almost) wardrobe to comply. I think there is a conspiracy to impoverish all the “Fashion Passions”

I guess our desire to fit into the tribe will always remain but the rules are bound to change with the democratisation of media.


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