Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogs are the New Black

A confusing exists, does fashion emanate from the minds of a few fashion geniuses and filter to the collective hive of followers or has it become more complex in recent times. The democratization of fashion is upon us. What would cause any change if their possibly has been a change in thinking? The social networking and blogging phenomenon is taking the world by storm and this has created a collective conscienceness contained in the internet with ideas being shared across the world at a speed previously inconceivable a question has arised. Who is the new muse? Or has the masses become the muse to the design geniuses of the world.

With an endless resource of inspiration from any subculture and corner of this planet has being a creative fashion genius become easier, knowing that nearly every conceivable fashion concept is out there if you look hard enough.

That brings us to Lookbook.nu a platform created by 24 year old Yuri Lee and Jason Su. What they have inadvertently done is create a collective fashion consciousness of creative’s from every part of the world. Granted there are the followers in the pack of users recreating looks already imagined by others but there are those that have placed them on top of the creative pile and done just that create what wasn’t there before.

The war between bloggers and the traditional front row fashionistas has already begun much derision was heaped upon blogging demigod Tavi Gevinson after the realization of the status quo changing where she was seated in front of Paula Reed Grazia magazine’s style director, obscured her view with Tavi’s giant bow shaped headpiece. How is fashions hierarchy now defined?

To think that the designers and fashion editors of our time are not paying attention to these sources are downright daft. There are stylists and creative’s daily updating and hyping looks forecasting how the rest of the fashion world will follow.  

Already bloggers with talent are being given opportunities to style magazine features, being featured in magazines and already have taken the internet by storm. Soon magazines and publishers will realize that their needs to be a equilibrium between these mediums instead of war. The democratization of fashion is definitely here, time will tell to see how well designers begin to use this new found voice to their advantage.

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