Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Dad's Career is Redundant!

That is quite a statement and most would jump to defend those 20-30 years of experience. Let put this into context though. Think 50 years ago to possibly the work your grandfather was doing. Is any of that relevant in todays world. Granted their are professions, doctors, engineers and sad to say lawyers which are quite perenial careers in terms of standing the test of time.

The world we see today is so far removed from 50 years ago and things are changing at ever increasing speed. Will a time come when graduating from a university institution takes too long? Or has that already happened? Are the new generation being equipped to succeed in the new world or are they being educated with the ideals of the old world which don't exist anymore. Sales and Marketing strategy which were developed in a world before social networking, mobile phones with applications and blogs. Are they even relevant today?

Success in business today will be from innovation and forward thinking this blog represents the future of how things should work going forward. collaboration of the "now" and the "then", youth and experience with a dialouge between the two, the future lies.... 

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